About Ann Verrall

contact info: shortworks@gmail.com

Ann Verrall is a Halifax-based, award-winning writer, director and producer. A graduate of NSCAD University, Ann Verrall specializes in working with youth to create videos exploring the complexities of their lives. The projects include dramas where the script has been workshopped and performed by youth as well as video camps where youth work collaboratively as a group to create their own videos.

Projects have been screened at festivals in Canada, USA, England and Australia, have been broadcast on CBC, Movieola, Super Channel and screened on Air Canada. Ann has developed and run new educational programs for emerging film/video artists and the Nova Scotia film industry. She has taught at NSCAD University and the University Sandy Bay, SK Sept. 2012of Regina where she was filmmaker in residence. Ann has received a Vision and Accomplishment award from Women in Film & Television Atlantic.

In 2006 Ann developed a music-based community video program for youth. Since that time she has directed numerous projects in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. For these projects Ann works in partnership with cultural and community organizations as well as a team of professional artists from various disciplines: music, dance, theatre, visual artists and media artists.

Michele Serada: Theatre Artist, Gabriel Yahyahkeekoot, Ramses Calderon: composer, Janine Windolph: video artist, Tara Lee Reddick, Ariella Pahlke: video artist, Jamie Sparks, Dozay Christmas: visual artist, Scott MacMillan: composer, Russel Wyse: photographer/filmmaker, Cory Bowles: performer/filmmaker