Building Bridges: Piapot First Nation & Regina, SK

We worked with two separate communities of youth, the Amadeus Youth Orchestra in Regina and students at Payepot School, Paipot First Nation (66K north of Regina). Both groups worked with a piece of music composed by Ramses Calderon. Ramses and conductor Ed Minevich worked the orchestra to learn the music, students at  Paipot develop a video using this piece of music as a soundtrack called Dreaming of Horses. The video was then projected during a live performance at Darke Hall in Regina, December 7, 2010.

Mentor Artists: Musician and Composer Ramses Calderon, Theatre artist Michele Sereda, Halifax filmmaker Ann Verrall and Regina filmmaker Gabriel Yahyahkeekoot. Technical support from Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative staff and members: Bernie hi , sound recordist David Oliver, lighting/grip/camera Yvonne Abusow.


Production projects take youth through an intensive workshop process to make a short collaborative video. Pieces may combine drama, documentary and music video styles.

Intensive Activities : story development, script writing, video & sound production directing. performance, lyric writing, song recording

Recent Themes: race, love, leaving home, Indigenous language, teen pregnancy, community identity, gang violence, rural experience, democracy

Participants are mentored through the process by a team of professional artists and film technicians. Each Intensive is different. They can be after-school or in-school programs or 1 week full-time. Each video speaks to the concerns and interests of the youth involved. They create imaginative, thought provoking, artistic videos that have the capacity to transform our understanding of the youth are and the world we all live in.