Collaborative Video Production Projects

Production projects take youth through an intensive workshop process to make a short collaborative video. Pieces may combine drama, documentary and music video styles.

Intensive Activities : story development, script writing, video & sound production directing. performance, lyric writing, song recording

Recent Themes: race, love, leaving home, Indigenous language, teen pregnancy, community identity, gang violence, rural experience, democracy

Participants are mentored through the process by a team of professional artists and film technicians. Each Intensive is different. They can be after-school or in-school programs or 1 week full-time. Each video speaks to the concerns and interests of the youth involved. They create imaginative, thought provoking, artistic videos that have the capacity to transform our understanding of the youth are and the world we all live in.

Taysia greets her Aunt Margorie & grandmother Ethel on Lockport Beach, NS

Taysia greets her Aunt Margorie Turner-Bailey & grandmother Ethel
on Lockport Beach, NS

Birchtown Video Project, Birchtown Nova Scotia

Birchtown: the next verse
16 min. 2014
Written & directed by
the participants in the
Birchtown Summer Video Camp 2012
a project in partnership with:

• Black Loyalist Heritage Society
• Centre for Art Tapes

Through song, poetry and documentary, six youth explore the historic racial divide and their connection to the community of Birchtown, Nova Scotia, home of the largest settlement of the Black Loyalists and free Africans in all of North America, immediately following the American Revolution. They visit the Black Loyalist Heritage Society’s Museum and discover a display of a relative, Margorie Turner-Bailey, a runner in the 1976 Olympics. They seek her out to learn more about her story.


Stories of Mistassini, La Ronge, Saskatchewan 2012

a project in partnership with mispon: a Celebration of Indigenous Filmmaking

“Stories of Mistassini” is a collection of 7 videos featuring the land and people of La Ronge Saskatchewan, made in collaboration with students of Sentator Myles Venne School (SMVS), community members and elders of the Lac La Ronge area.
Production mentorship: Ann Verrall, Janine Windolph. Performance mentorship: Michele Sereda. Project support by Trudy Stewart.
Post Production: Ann Verrall
Special thank you to Viviana Arcand Ruiz, Vice Principal of SMVS. Project funded by Saskatchewan Community Initiatives Fund and SaskCulture

The Sightings • 8:40 min, 2012 • written, produced and directed by the participants of SMVS. A group of youth share their paranormal experiences which lead them to seek the wisdom of their elders.

The Sightings: Behind the Scenes •  5:07 min, 2012 • shows the process the youth participants went through to create The Sightings.

Tristen Durocher • 7:34 min, 2012 •   Fiddle player Tristen Durocher, a La Ronge resident who hails from Buffalo Narrows, shares his passion for fiddles, Metis Traditional music, and landscape photography.

Angela’s Offerings • 5:33 min, 2012 • Angel reflects on her experiences in La Ronge as a child of an Austrian prospector, and the connection she feels to the land and the rocks.

The Long Return • 11:08 min, 2012 •  Janine Windolph, Regina-based filmmaker/artist originally from La Ronge,  returns to the place of her childhood to visit her elders and reconnect with her trapper father. She  looks to the wisdom of her elders, the people and the land for inspiration on forming her identity.

stories from the big rock: Marty Ballantyne, 6:24 min, 2012. This documentary features Marty Ballantyne, former member of the band Breach of Trust, and how his music draws from his northern culture.



Upper Big Tracadie Summer Video Camp: Nova Scotia, 2011


Sandy Bay Video Project: Saskatchewan, 2011


Building Bridges: Piapot First Nation/Regina, Saskatchewan, 2010

Gibson Woods: Shortworks TV Drama Academy, NS, 2010


Do you speak my language?: Waycobah First Nation, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 2010

ViewFinders Summer Video Academy: Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2009

Changing the Future: Scott Collegiate, Regina, Saskatchewan, 2009

East Preston Summer Video Academy: East Preston, Nova Scotia, 2008

North Preston Marh Break Video Academy: North Preston, NS, 2007&2008

Detailed info on projects can be found on Shortworks Productions facebook page and YouTube channel.