Upper Big Tracadie Summer Video Camp

Upper Big Tracadie, NS 2011We are the Change
15 min.

Upper Big Tracadie is a small rural African Nova Scotia community. For five days in the summer the children that call UBT “down home” collaborated with media artists to create a video that explores their community past, present and future. The children go on a hunt to find an abandoned playground and begin the process of figuring out how to get a new playground for their community. A song, written in part by the youth with composer/ musician Jamie Sparks, is performed by the Awakening Souls Youth Choir.



Production projects take youth through an intensive workshop process to make a short collaborative video. Pieces may combine drama, documentary and music video styles.

Intensive Activities : story development, script writing, video & sound production directing. performance, lyric writing, song recording

Recent Themes: race, love, leaving home, Indigenous language, teen pregnancy, community identity, gang violence, rural experience, democracy

Participants are mentored through the process by a team of professional artists and film technicians. Each Intensive is different. They can be after-school or in-school programs or 1 week full-time. Each video speaks to the concerns and interests of the youth involved. They create imaginative, thought provoking, artistic videos that have the capacity to transform our understanding of the youth are and the world we all live in.